Computed Radiography

Computed radiography (CR) is a digital modality that uses flexible, reusable phosphor imaging plates to capture the radiographic image. CR is extremely similar to traditional wet film in its application characteristics, particularly in the ability of the image plates to be contoured, wrapped and re-sized. CR is a relatively mature digital modality and is widely used throughout all Industry segments.

CR 4100

The CR 4100 features a 50-micron resolution and 16-bit Logarithmic image acquisition (65,536 shades of gray). This is the first industrial computed radiography solution designed specifically for the nondestructive testing service industry. The unique design has a completely sealed optics unit ensuring no dirt or dust can be introduced during the scanning process. With mobility in mind, VMI has designed the CR 4100 to be lightweight and portable, bringing high performance digital imaging to the harshest environments in field radiography.


The Switchblade is the first computed radiography system designed specifically for weld-quality radiography. This system packs our industry leading image resolution into an ultra-lightweight, compact, durable solution. The CR Switchblade scanning process has been designed to have imaging phosphor (IP) plates fed face down, allowing for the solution to be deployed in a direct light environment. Utilizing an innovative magnetic track process, the Switchblade scans IP plates without bending or manipulating the plates. This solution makes true portable computed radiography imaging a reality.


Our latest in computed radiography solutions, the 5100MS has been completely redesigned with state-of-the art optics, combining 25-micron resolution with 16-bit (65,536 shades of gray) logarithmic image acquisition.