UltraPhase Subsea

Subsea Phased Array System for Underwater Weld Inspection and Corrosion Mapping


  • The No.1 Solution For Underwater Weld Inspection or Corrosion Mapping
  • 128 Channel Dual Probe Subsea Phased Array System
  • Multiple Frequency/Pitch Configurations of Subsea Phased Array Probes  
  • Up to 100Bar for 1km Depth Inspections 
  • Diver or ROV Operation
  • 100m Umbilical Cable with Cable Protector Pod Attachment
  • UltraView Inspection Software Compatible


UltraPhase Subsea is the number one choice for underwater weld inspection or corrosion mapping subsea using a diver or ROV up to 1km depths. The system uses Phased Array ultrasonics to provide a very high probability-of-detection when inspecting critical subsea assets. The unique system is the only underwater Phased Array system for sale on the market today. Our miniature and low powered ultrasonic boards are ideal for installing inside subsea pods and tight enclosures needed for subsea tools.
The system is made up of a pressure rated underwater pod with two Phased Array probe inputs for simultaneous scanning either side of the weld. There is a dual axis encoder inputs for single line or raster scans and a 100m umbilical cable input which can be extended longed if needed. The pressure rated underwater Phased Array probes are designed with a detachable probe and can be delivered in many different variations of element size, frequency and pitch to suit any application. We can deliver the system with underwater scanners and encoders.
UltraPhase Subsea system uses the UltraView Inspection Software platform to control the live system scanning from topside. The mature and developed software takes the inspector through from start to finish. Begin with the technique development using the beam plot tool, set up the system using easy to use inspection templates, complete a 5 step calibration procedure according to the standards, collect data at a fast speed, analyse and size defects using the defect mark up table and finish with an automatic Word report generator.