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AUT Solution’s software suite offers a full line of products to support your Advanced NDT applications. ProScan Analysis Software Pipeline Burst Pressure Calculator OmniScan Data Conversion Software


Universal Phased Array/TOFD & Corrosion Scanner KEY FEATURES Can scan up to 500° F IP68 Waterproof encoder w/ lifetime warranty Strong soft contact magnetic wheels Quick & easy configuration changes Scan pipe welds in the circ. or axial directions Adjustable and rotatable fork The U-Scan is the industry’s first universal phased array, TOFD and corrosion …

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Phased Array/TOFD/Corrosion Scanner The NanoScan II is a small, lightweight and multi-configurable scanner specifically designed for phased array, TOFD, B & C-scan and Short Range Guided Wave (SRGW) inspections. This robust scanner comes with a modular IP68 waterproof encoder with life time warranty* and a detachable cable that can be supplied in many different lengths. …



Wire encoder, 2030mm (80″) scan length The rugged new and improved LineScan is the easy solution to encoding single axis line scans; simply attach the encoder wire to the transducer and pull away. The encoder resolution is 0.025mm (0.001″) with a draw length of 2030mm (80″) and can be mounted to ferrous or non-ferrous surfaces …

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Small, Lightweight Hand Held Scanner The B-Scanner is a small, lightweight encoded scanner designed for manual B-scan applications up to 500F*. This rugged, all aluminum constructed scanner with our proprietary soft contact magnetic wheel system can smoothly scan on 3” OD pipe or greater and the spring loaded transducer will adjust to the surface. The …

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Encoded Phased Array Clamping Scanner The AUT Solutions HandScan is a low-cost tool for performing single axis encoded scanning. Small in size and simple to use, the HandScan allows the technician to set up quickly and easily. The Dual Force clamping system is effective at holding wedges up to 56mm wide. With 5 different encoder …

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Cost Effective Phased Array/TOFD Scanner The WeldScan is the best and most cost-effective way to perform phased array, TOFD and corrosion inspections. The WeldScan is compact, lightweight, has soft-contact magnetic wheels and our exclusive IP68 waterproof RME encoder. The RME Encoder is so robust, we offer it with our industry-leading lifetime warranty.   WeldScan with its …

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Multi-Diameter Non-Ferrous Pipe Weld Scanner The Circ-Scan is the ultimate scanning solution for weld and corrosion inspections on non-ferrous piping such as stainless steel and HDPE. Setup is fast and simple as it should be! The Circ-Scan with its patent pending design does not require multiple chain links to hold onto a pipe like other …

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Automated Corrosion Mapping, TOFD and Phased Array Scanner The Accuscan is the workhorse of AUT. This automated 2-axis NDT scanner can scan up to 30″ per second, will scan on items ranging from 2″ pipe to flat surfaces, and can be used on items that are 300°F or higher*. Its modular design means switching arms …

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Low Profile, Small OD Pipe & Tube Weld Scanner Simplicity is the key with the Revolver, you simply select the band and wedge size as required, and within minutes you are ready to scan; no complex setup or templates are required, just snap the scanner on the pipe and scan away. All Revolver components are …

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