Hi-Spec Systems

UltraView Inspection Software

All-in-one touch-operated streamlined inspection software package for technique development, system setup, calibration, data collection, analysis & sizing and reporting on Hi-Spec Systems Phased Array Instruments. UltraView analysis and reporting software available for offline PC installation.  Subsea iProbe Frequency/Pitch Configurations Specifications

Subsea Phased Array Probes

Using our unique iProbe technology Phased Array probe for underwater inspections Up to 64 element iProbes  Many different freq/pitch probes available Detachable probe cable   Up to 5m length probe cables Custom wedges available for weld inspection

Subsea Phased Array Pod

Up to 128 Channels with two Phased Array probes able to scan simultaneously either side of the weld for a higher probability-of-detection Dual axis encoder onboard for single or two axis scanning of assets 100 Bar pressure rated pod for 1km depth inspections 100m umbilical cable as standard (longer options available)  Umbilical cable protector pod …

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UltraPhase Subsea

Subsea Phased Array System for Underwater Weld Inspection and Corrosion Mapping Features: The No.1 Solution For Underwater Weld Inspection or Corrosion Mapping 128 Channel Dual Probe Subsea Phased Array System Multiple Frequency/Pitch Configurations of Subsea Phased Array Probes   Up to 100Bar for 1km Depth Inspections  Diver or ROV Operation 100m Umbilical Cable with Cable Protector Pod …

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