VMI NDT, formerly known as Virtual Media Integration, is one of the largest suppliers of digital radiography equipment for nondestructive testing in North America. With over 25 years of experience in the NDT market, VMI is the premier manufacturer and integrator of computed radiography systems, digital radiography systems, and film digitizer systems.

VMI Products

NDT Software

The VMI industrial NDT software solution is an industry leading digital image acquisition and review platform. The standard version of the proprietary StarrView software offers…

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Computed Radiography

Computed radiography (CR) is a digital modality that uses flexible, reusable phosphor imaging plates to capture the radiographic image. CR is extremely similar to traditional…

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Direct Digital Radiography

VMI offers numerous solutions for digital detector array (DDA) applications. From large format flat panel detectors to small form factor DDA’s, VMI has a digital…

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Film Digitizers

Film digitizing is the process of converting traditional analog film into a digital format copy. This process is extremely beneficial for the long-term storage and…

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X-Ray Solutions

(Ultra Portable and Portable Products) VMI is able to provide high quality x-ray solutions for many application. Products are available in several kV/Ma variations, in…

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VMI offers several replacement phosphor imaging plate options, both in brand and size availability. Additionally, a wide range of viewing monitors and process control accessories…

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